Stained Glass Shoppe

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Art Glass and Tiffany Lamps Specialist

Design, Commission, Fabricate, Repair and Restore all Stained Glass Works.



We are committed to provide services, materials supply for all Art glass requirement. If you don't find what you are looking for in our site, please feel free to EMAIL  us.

Enamel Supplies

        Enamels for: Gold, Silver, Copper, Low Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Brass, 300 series Stainless Steel, Window Glass, 400 series Stainless Steel, Stained Glass, Hot Glass Blowing, Moretti (Effetre). Metallics. 

Stained Glass Supplies

Glass, Tools, Books, Chemicals, Metals, Etc.


Lamp Making Supplies

Books, Patterns, Forms, Lamp Bases, Lamp Parts, Lamp Caps, Electrical Etc.


Fusing supplies

Fusible glass, Frits, Powders, Stringers, Confetti, Enamels, Bubble effect Colors, Luster Powders, Mika Powders, Fusing glue, Molds, Mold making etc (For COE: 82, 90, 93, 96 & 104) Etc.


Painting & Screening Supplies

Glass Colors (500 - 850C), Lusters, Overglazes, Onglazes, Painting Medium, Silk Screening Medium  Etc.


Other Supplies & Products

Plating kits, Gold Leaf (Genuine & Immitation), Gold & Silver Powders, Enameling for Metals/Glass/Ceramic, UV Adhesive, Fabric Paints, Acrylic Paints, Epoxies, Clock Making, Ceramic On-glaze & Under-glaze, Plaster Casting, Candle Making, Soap Making, Etc.

Stained Glass Shoppe

623 Aljunied Road #06-10, Aljunied Industrial Complex, Singapore 389835. Tel:65-67471950 / 67475219,


Visitors are advised to follow all Covid19 SAFE DISTANCING & SAFE ENTRY ACCESS requirement. Visiting by appointment only.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 0900 to 1630

Saturday: By appointment only.

Sunday & Public Holidays - Close