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Design, Commission, Fabricate, Repair and Restore all Stained Glass Works.




(W=Width, L=Long, D=Deep)


Jr. Copper   

Firing Chamber: 10" X 6.5" X 9"

Max Temp: 2200 deg F

230V/50hz/12 amp/1440 watts/ Fuse: 15 amp


Originally designed for copper enameling and it work for glass fusing, slumping & painting

Hot Box

Firing Chamber: 6"W X 6"L X 4.5"D

Max Temp: 1800 deg F

230V/50hz/12 amp/1440 watts/ Fuse: 15 amp


The Hot Box is a handy little kiln for those doing fusing, slumping and manipulation. Its rugged construction and ease of use makes it very user friendly.


Firing Chamber: 14.5"W X 6.5"D

Max Temp: 1800 deg F

230V/50hz/12 amp/1440 watts/ Fuse: 15 amp


The GT14-6 combines the space and performance of a large kiln. This hot little kiln is very capable and offers the user complete flexibility for Glass Slumping, Glass painting, Glass fusing, Glass annealing.


Firing Chamber: 17.5"W X 9"D 

Max Temp: 1800 deg F

230V/50hz/27 amp/6460 watts/Fuse:40 amp 

An Awesome personal size glass firing kiln. Very capable of all hot glass techniques: Fusing, Slumping, Painting, Pate de Verre and annealing. If you are just starting hot glass or need something a little extra for your studio  


Firing Chamber: 23.5"W X 9"D

Max Temp: 1800 deg F

230V/50hz/30 amp/7200 watt/Fuse: 40 amp


GTS-23 has become the "studio standard" kiln. It offer a size that just seems to fit the needs of most artists and studio owners. Small pieces can be loaded in volume, while relatively large pieces can be created. This kiln excels at fusing, slumping, painting, Pate de verre and annealing.


Firing Chamber: 23.5"W X 13"D

Max Temp: 1800 deg F

230V/50hz/30amp/7200 watt/Fuse 40amp

Same as above except that it has a deeper chamber


Firing Chamber: 41" x 25.5" x 9"

Max Temp: 1800 deg F

230V/50hz/40amp/9600 watt/Fuse:50amp


This kiln offer tons of room with superior performance making it the best selling glass kiln. If you need space for volume firing or want to keep you options open piece size, this is the kiln to have. All hot glass techniques are possible with the GTS 2541. Not only are fusing, slumping and Pate de Verre possible but this kiln is very well known for its excellent paint firing.


Firing Chamber: 41" x 25.5" x 13"

Max Temp: 1800 deg F

230v/50hz/40amp/9600 watt/Fuse:50amp

Same as above except that it has a deeper chamber

GTS/GT14 (13" Circular)

GTS/GT18 (15.5" Octagon) 

GTS/GT2541 (21"X15")

GTS/GT23 & 2541 (21" Semi Circular) 

Triangle Kiln Posts

Ramp Master Controller 


Fibre Paper & Blanket

Dragging Tool

High Temperature Gloves

High Fired Primer/Glass Seperator


Hark Brush 


Enamel Sifters

Fiber Blanket

Fusing Glue

Mold Casting



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