Stained Glass Shoppe

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Art Glass and Tiffany Lamps Specialist

Design, Commission, Fabricate, Repair and Restore all Stained Glass Works.




 100RR  Clear   

1102RR  Pale Amber

1108RR  Medium Amber

121RR  Light Green

123RR  Medium Green

125RR  Dark Green

1308RR  Pale Blue

132RR  Light Blue

134RR  Medium Blue

136RR  Dark Blue

1408RR  Pale Purple

142RR  Light Purple

146RR  Dark Purple

151RR  Cherry Red

152RR  Ruby Red

161RR    Yellow

171RR  Orange

1808RR  Pale Grey

5232RR  Teal Green

526-2RR  Moss Green

 5281RR  Pale Green

528-4 Olive Green

533-1RR Sky Blue

533-3RR  Deep Aqua Blue

538-6RR  Navy Blue

5432RR  Grape Purple

5911RR  Pink Champagne


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Stained Glass Shoppe

623 Aljunied Road #06-10, Aljunied Industrial Complex, Singapore 389835. Tel:65-67471950 / 67475219,


Visitors are advised to follow all Covid19 SAFE DISTANCING & SAFE ENTRY ACCESS requirement. Visiting by appointment only.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 0900 to 1630

Saturday: By appointment only.

Sunday & Public Holidays - Close