Stained Glass Shoppe

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Art Glass and Tiffany Lamps Specialist

Design, Commission, Fabricate, Repair and Restore all Stained Glass Works.





CH-1 Flux 8oz


CH-2 Black Patina 8oz


CH-3 Grinder Coolant 8oz


CH-4 Bright Copper Patina 8oz (USA)


 CH-8 Zinc Black (USA)


 Mark Stay 1oz (USA)

@S$ 18.50


CH-13 Copper Sulphate (USA) 1 lb



CH-12 Glue Chipping Glue (USA) 1lb



5216 Mirror Edge Sealer (USA) 16oz






50970 Flux & Patina Remover (USA)


520406 (USA) Putty 1qt



FB-01 Flux Brush (USA)


FA-01 Flux Applicator  (USA)


SEC400 & SEC1000 Glass Etching Cream (Industrial Strength - Reusable)


 UV Glue (USA) 50ml



Stained Glass Shoppe

623 Aljunied Road #06-10, Aljunied Industrial Complex, Singapore 389835. Tel:65-67471950 / 67475219,


Visitors are advised to follow all Covid19 SAFE DISTANCING & SAFE ENTRY ACCESS requirement. Visiting by appointment only.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 0900 to 1630

Saturday: By appointment only.

Sunday & Public Holidays - Close